In recent years, LED bulbs are widely used in the market, but the quality of products is mixed, the price is also confusing; most consumers can not distinguish which is a quality product. 

How do consumers correctly choose and purchase the right product? The following tips may be helpful to you.

1. Before you buy a lamp, understand that it is important to determine whether you are buying a light fixture for indoor or outdoor use. How much brightness is needed? How many watts of energy-saving lamps need to be replaced? Or is it a replacement for regular incandescent bulbs? There are different options for different lighting scenarios. 

For example; hallway lights, stair lights, bathroom lights, etc. Usually  is enough,  But it also depends on the area of the place. For a wider place, choose a larger wattage,Or multiple bulbs. 

LED bulbs

Or multiple LED bulbs. 


2. The best choice of LED bulbs is to choose a high-power 1W or medium power 0.5W SMD process LED lamps, because SMD patch light decay is smaller. High-power beads cost a bit more, mainly for larger wattage lamps. Medium-power LEDs are slightly less expensive, and are often used for bulbs. 3. LED bulbs must be selected with aluminum heat sink housing. LED lamp beads are most afraid of the temperature. Without good heat dissipation conditions, it is difficult to ensure the life of LED lights and light decay. Without good heat dissipation conditions, it is difficult to guarantee LED lamp life and light decay. 4. When replacing LED lights, pay attention to the original lamp base connector type

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