blue LED fishing lights

Reasons to choose blue LED fishing lights:

Today, there are several types of night fishing lights on the market, including yellow, blue, purple, green, and more. Among them, blue light and violet light are made of special color LED light beads.

Because it emits a special light color, it can quickly reflect the phosphor on the tail of the fish. So why choose Blu-ray?

The blue LED fishing light can observe the float with a small light bulb, if the light is dim, it will not scare the fish.

Of course, white light can also be used, but in order to have a good viewing effect, the bulb power required is much higher than that of blue light.

There is also a kind of violet light with a shorter wavelength, which is better than blue light in terms of bleaching effect. However, because violet light is harmful to the human body, it is rarely used now.

First of all, the reflection effect of blue light on fluorescence is very obvious, neither too strong nor too weak, you can see the fish float. Compared with purple light, blue light is harmless to human body, safe and reliable. Generally speaking, blue light is chosen for night fishing for the following reasons:

Blue LED Fishing Light Features:

  1. Blue light fishing lights can properly reflect the fluorescence of fish floats.
  2. The wavelength of blue light is longer to reduce the interference to the fish.
  3. The special light color can attract the fish to gather in the phototaxis, so that the fishing effect at night is better.
  4. Blue light is the first choice, which is harmless to the human body and can be used for a long time.

To sum up, there are many benefits of choosing blue light for night fishing, and this is the best choice for night fishing. If you like fishing, why not buy professional night fishing lights to improve your fishing quality?

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