LED Temporary Work Light

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LED work lights are currently the most popular construction site lights, and are deeply loved by the crowd. So what are the characteristics of high-power outdoor handheld LED work lights that can attract people?

Handheld LED Work Light
Handheld LED Work Light

Handheld led work light features:

Bright and soft lighting can effectively avoid visual fatigue;

The mobile charging design is more convenient;

Reserve space to increase the battery, and the single charging time is longer;

Brand chip with LED service life of 70,000 hours;

There is a suction cup on the back, which is more convenient to use;

5-meter drop test, more durable anti-collision protection;

The toughness of the hidden hook is not easy to break, and the appearance is more beautiful;

The waterproof switch is designed with a protective structure to avoid damage to the switch caused by collision and falling;

  • The handle is scientifically ergonomically designed and feels comfortable;

Widely used in maintenance or construction sites such as automobiles, aircraft, ships, electric power, industrial and mining, and infrastructure.

Handheld LED Work Light
Handheld LED Work Light

Features of New Sunshine High Power Outdoor Handheld LED Work Light:

High-power LED light source, high luminous efficiency, more conducive to improving work efficiency.

The scientific choice of color temperature can effectively reduce eye damage.

The back with the disk can be adsorbed on the metal surface, which is convenient to use.

5-meter drop test, more durable in anti-collision.

The toughness of the hidden hook is not easy to break, and the appearance is more beautiful.

Moisture-proof design, the product is more durable.

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LED Temporary Work Light

LED temporary work light led wholesale factory direct sales

LED temporary work lights are used for emergency lighting tools in the event of a sudden power failure, powered by emergency batteries. Because it is not commonly used in life, many people ignore its existence.

It is undeniable that its role in life is also very important. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages and dos and don’ts of LED temporary work lights.

LED Temporary Work Light
LED Temporary Work Light

Advantages of LED temporary work lights.


  1. The anti-glare function is designed on the lampshade to make the light softer, which can reduce the visual fatigue of the eyes and improve the work efficiency.
  2. Long service life, up to 100,000 hours, without regular maintenance.
  3. The light alloy material of the shell is waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant.
  4. The transparent parts are made of bulletproof rubber, which has the advantages of high light transmittance and good impact resistance, and can work in various harsh environments.
  5. Using 85-300V wide voltage design, the narrow voltage is only 80-144.
Led Work Light
Led Work Light

LED Temporary Work Light Features:

  1. It has emergency function of automatic switching and manual switching. There are two kinds of LED temporary work lights, one can be used as normal lighting at work, and the other is pure lighting, which is usually turned off and easily overlooked.
  2. Now there are also intelligent LED temporary work lights on the market, with low power consumption, high light source quality, and environmentally friendly and healthy materials. Once the power is cut off or tripped, it will automatically start to solve the problem of sudden power failure and avoid safety risks.
  3. The installation is also relatively simple, and it can be installed like ordinary lighting without adding any switch circuits.

After reading the characteristics of the work lights, where can I find the LED temporary work light factory direct sales store? If you have a demand for LED temporary work lights, you can come to New Sunshine to buy them. Contact us now to enjoy a discount of up to 20% or free shipping!

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