LED garden lights

LED garden lights are the first choice, LED lights have been widely used, more and more people use LED lights in life, and it is almost common.

LED  lights are better than energy-saving lamps, and energy-saving lamps are better than incandescent lamps. Again, so is the price. LED lamps are more expensive than energy-saving lamps, and energy-saving lamps are more expensive than incandescent lamps.

LED garden lights
LED garden lights

But it must be explained that LED garden lights and energy-saving lamps have their own advantages and disadvantages.

it are a type of light-emitting diodes. This light-emitting diode is a semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into solid state, which can directly convert electricity into light.

It is worth noting that the LED light has a large projection range, no stroboscopic, and no eye damage. Power is also strong. The brightness of 15W is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamps, which is very convenient for power saving.

That is to say, LED lamps have the same light intensity as ordinary incandescent lamps, and only need one-tenth or less of the electric energy of incandescent lamps, and the energy saving intensity is very considerable. LED lights have a long service life, basically reaching about 100,000 hours.

LED garden lights
LED garden lights

LED garden lights are widely classified as follows:

The wavelength color can be divided into ultraviolet light, purple light, blue light, blue-green light, green light, yellow-green light, infrared emission light, white light (cold white light, white light, natural white light, warm white light, candle white light) and so on.

Power can be divided into: 0.06W, low power: (0.1W, 0.2W, 0.4W, 0.5W), medium power (1W~50W), high power (5oW~500W), integrated high power (above 500WI), etc.

Can be divided into: landscape lights, LED garden lights, street lights, contour lights, lawn lights, buried lights, flood lights, projection lights, ladder lights, tree lights, underwater lights, etc.

LED night lights are widely used in parks, streets and other places because of their beauty, energy saving and soft flash. If you need LED  lights, you can buy them in new sunlight. Click on the bottom right corner now or call us to send an email. We can get up to 20% off!

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