LED fishing lights

How to choose the LED fishing lights for marine use?

Night fishing is one of the most exciting and fun activities for anglers. Whether it’s freshwater lakes or saltwater, LED diving fishing lights can help you catch more fish in dark hours than in broad daylight.

Fishing lights attract fish the way magnets attract nails and have long been used by fishermen. The best led saltwater fishing lights can help you catch more fish.


How to choose the best LED fishing lights for marine use?

Fishing lights come in different colors, shapes and sizes with one purpose only to attract fish in the dark. The main light colors are white, green and blue. Factors such as water depth, clarity, vessel traffic and the desired appearance of the illuminated area should be considered when selecting the most suitable pier light.

White light usually attracts plankton and bait fish but is quickly absorbed, green light also attracts bait and large predator fish. Blue light can also be used as green light, but is better in sea water.

There are many models of fishing lights available on the market and they are claimed to be the best. Pick one for yourself that is a little more challenging. However, there are a few factors to consider, primarily the viability of fishing lights in saltwater conditions. This is related to other factors such as type, weight, color of light, respective fluidity and water resistance.

New Sunshine LED Fishing Lights is a world-recognized brand of high-quality underwater fishing lights. Our series of fishing lights are 12vdc, high output LED, almost unbreakable and durable. Our underwater fishing lights are easy to use and very effective.

New Sunshine manufactures high-quality, energy-efficient, waterproof lights for underwater applications. The new Sunshine Fishing Light uses high output LEDs to achieve excellent fish appeal. With the ability to attract fish, our high output LED dock lights can enhance the whole family’s ability to fish and watch fish outside the dock.

LED fishing light 6000 watts

How much is a large LED fishing light 6000 watts?

The blue light reflected on the water by the river is the best witness to its waking up, and the fishing light is an indispensable artifact in night fishing.
In the dark night environment, the light absorption of the fluorescent drift tail can enhance the brightness and clarity of the floating, and it is beneficial to gather a large number of fish schools.

6000 watt fishing light
6000 watt fishing light

So How much is a large LED fishing light 6000 watts?

The price of a large LED fishing light 6000 watts needs to be determined according to the wattage you want to buy. Dozens of watts are enough for one person fishing, and the price is around $40.
If it is a fishing boat, you need a large wattage LED fishing blue light, such as 6000 watts, and the price will be higher, around $2400.

LED 6000 watt fishing light
LED 6000 watt fishing light

LED6000W Fishing Light Features

The LED fishing light 6000 watts enhances the floating vision and has been recognized by all fishing friends, and even a large number of night fishing enthusiasts choose to recommend it to many friends.
Mainly divided into the following three points:
First, long-term use, blue light will not cause overload on the eyes, causing problems such as eye astringency, drifting and ghosting;
Second, the light focusing effect is excellent. With the increase of the aperture, the focusing light is not easy to diverge, the brightness within the aperture is consistent, and it is not difficult to see drift;
Third, with the prolongation of the use time, the brightness will gradually stabilize, and the brightness in the aperture will become more and more obvious, which is conducive to fishing and gathering fish.
If you need an LED 6000 watt fishing light, you can buy it in New Sunshine.
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