LED fishing light

What should I do if the LED fishing light is broken?

What should I do if the LED fishing light is broken? ? Learn to do it yourself and fix simple LED light failures yourself.

LED fishing light 2000W
LED fishing light 2000W

Common faults and maintenance methods of LED fishing lights.

The LED lamp bead is damaged.

This is a very common failure. Generally speaking, when the LED lamp bead burns out, there will be black spots on the surface. A closer look can tell the difference.

For the maintenance of this fault, it is necessary to equip a soldering iron, remove the burned out lamp bead and replace it.

What if there is no LED lamp beads? Can be replaced with a resistor of about 150Ω. If driven by a constant current source, it can be directly shorted.

Filter capacitor failure.

Simple LED lamps generally rectify the AC power directly through the capacitor-resistance step-down, and then supply power to the LED lamp beads through a capacitor filter.

If the filter capacitor fails it will cause the voltage to be unstable and the DC voltage will be lower which will dim the LED light. Measure the capacity of the filter capacitor with the capacitor of the multimeter. If the error is large, the error is greater than 30%, it indicates that the capacitor has deteriorated. Replace the capacitor whose withstand voltage and capacity are greater than or equal to the capacitor parameters.

LED Fishing light
LED Fishing light

Common faults and maintenance methods of LED fishing lights 2:

The resistor step-down module is damaged.

The resistance step-down module is composed of a capacitor and a resistor in parallel. Its capacitance can be measured with a multimeter. If the resistor is broken, find a capacitor with the same parameters. Replace the resistor.

Line disconnected.

Turn on the LED light and check if the internal I/O wiring is disconnected. If so, use a soldering iron to fix it.

Rectifier diode failure

The rectifier diode has open circuit, short circuit and other faults, which may be caused by overvoltage, overcurrent or long-term use failure. Replace the rectifier diode with reverse withstand voltage greater than 350V and working current greater than 0.5A, such as 1N404~1N4007.

The LED constant current drive circuit is faulty.

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