15W Portable Work Lights NS-SML-15-01 Solar Powered


Portable LEDSolar Work Light/15W Portable Work Lights

ptical PC lens, wider lighting area and better lighting efficiency.MAGNET BASE BRACKET
Magnet base insert on bracket, very convenient to install on metal surface.Features&Advantages
ABS+PC lamp shell, anti-UV , anti-corrosion and fireproof104pcs high efficiency LEDs, output lumen 135OLmIP65 waterproof, outdoor applications available
TYPEll optical PClens,anti-UV , better lighting efficiency


15W Portable Work Lights NS-SML-15-01 Solar Powered working modes:


Press Switch Button


ln the lighting mode, the portable solar worklight would be in full brightness 7-8hours,and will be turned off till battery is run out.There is integrated intelligent controlIC.

output lumen would be adjusted automaticallyaccording to lamp’s working time.Press theswitch button again to turn off the portablesolar work light.


Hold Switch Button 3 Seconds

WARNING LIGHTING MODE:In the warning lighting mode, the portablesolar work light will flicking 3 times in 1second, then slake for 1 second,and it willcycle over and over like this till press theswitch button again to turn it off.This

function can make a call attention for someemergency situations

15W Portable Work Lights NS-SML-15-01 Solar Powered INSTALLATION GUIDE:

Powerful Magnet Bases Mounting:

Extremely durable strong magnetic magnet base holder canattach on any metal surface it can ensure the portable solarwork light ahigh performance for outdoor applications.

Rubber boot on magnet can help to prevent scratching onyour car or other surface.

Widely Application:

Indoor and outdoor uses.backyard lighting. garden road lighting. back-up lighting and so on.Also suitable for emergency road repairs, outdoor campingactivities etc.

15W Portable Work Lights NS-SML-15-01 Solar Powered Applications:

work lights 5W solar
10W solar work lights

15W Portable Work Lights NS-SML-15-01 Solar Powered KINDLY NOTE:

The portable Solar Work Light storage and worktemperature should not be exceed 5D , to avoidbattary damage or even explosion risks, please donot expose lamp to the aun in an encloaed space.

1.Before the first time to use the portable solar work light,please put the lamp under the sunshine to solar chargingfor 6-8 hours, or you can charge it by Type-C wire for4-5hours. When the indicator light on surface changing togreen, it means that the battery is full.

2.when you charging the portable solar work light by solarenergy. please put the solar panel direct to sunshine,tomake sure it can absorb more solar energy.

3.When you pressed the switch button but the portable solarwork light not light up or it is flicking. it means that the batteryis empty. we need tocharge it by solar energy or charge it by5VDCthrough Type-C wire.

4.The partable solar work light installed magnet on thebottom and it also support hook installation, so it could beused in many is IP65 waterproof, it is bestfor outdoor hiking, camping lighting applications or it couldbe used as indoor emergency lighting.

Additional information

Model number





1350 Lm

LED Type

SMD 2835*104 pcs



Beam angle

Tpye ll

Solar Panel

4.5 Wp Mona-crystalline Silicon

Li-ion Battery

1B650 /26OOmA/ 3.7V*2PCS

Charging time

6-8 Hrs/ Day

Working time

Lasts up to7-8Hrs
[100ttery Lighting Mode ]

Magnetic brackets

Strong Magnet

Surface Color


Working Temp



240 *212*40 mm

IP Class


Lamp Housing



24 months [battery warranty 12 months]


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