180 Degree LED Retrofit Kit
Ford McCarthy

Canopy, parking lot, shoes box fixture,wall pack fixture, floor light, cobra head street fixture

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In total, 185 Viento LED Area/Site luminaires were installed using existing poles on the property. The New Shunshine sets the stage for the next generation of illumination performance for site and area lighting applications. Masterfully engineered, the New Sunshine was designed specifically to leverage the optical and thermal characteristics unique to LED technology. By utilizing the proprietary optics, mounting and available photocells, this would dramatically improve the curb appeal of the lot and focus the light when and where it’s needed

With all the new lighting installed, it’s dramatically increased visibility and improved the curb appeal at night. With the confidence of having new New Sunshine LED lights backed by a 5 year warranty, McCarthy Ford knows it will continue to provide a safer environment for employees and customers for many years to come. The new 180° LED lighting solution has also reduced the total wattage outdoors from 272,145 to 46,402 – resulting in a 83 percent energy savings. With the amount of savings achieved and eligible lighting controls installed

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