INTENDED USES- Our lights are designed to be a dock or boat underwater fishing light. They are used for so much more from the swimming pool to patio and deck lighting. Even Mechanics, handymen and women use our lights for reaching out into the driveway or places where fixed or mounted lighting can’t reach. They are great for hard to reach places because they provide 360-degree lighting coverage meaning they won’t have to be moved constantly.

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Using our LED fishing lights 2000w, High power 2000W, It is very suitable for night fishing, boat fishing, fish netting in both fresh water and salt water, to attract top mouth culter, yellow catfish, crucian carp, squid, bighead, grass carp, etc. most phototaxis fish… Green light is the most effective because it can It penetrates farther distances underwater and attracts zooplankton and other insects. Bait fish like shrimp, squid, small fish to find plankton

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Phil Capes

Underwater fish light is awesome!!! After moving to Florida I noticed the lights under water in our canals and had to have one. I talked to several neighbors and everyone spoke very highly of the people at Underwater Fish lights. I got my light and installed it myself it was super easy. Fish started to come around in only a few nights. Now it’s loaded up with snook, redfish and the occasional tarpon

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"If you have any needs about LED fishing lights lighting application, you can directly call us at 1 323 616 7060."
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